When I finally built up the courage to step out on faith and leave my job of 14 years that left me over-worked, stressed out and down-right miserable, I walked away holding mortgage that had recently doubled, no source of income, a newly earned doctorate degree, and a spirit in need of massive repair. After going in to see my medical doctor for a routine physical and leaving with a therapist and a mental-health plan, the fundamental shift in my life began… I just didn’t know it.

Years of self-neglect had led to mental and emotional anguish that was manifesting physically. There were times when I would lie in bed for days at a time wondering if I would ever surface from the abyss of hopelessness that had become my place of refuge. I didn’t know how my bills were going to get paid or how I would explain to my family the strange man outside taking pictures of the house ready to pounce on the latest foreclosure. And, after 7 1/2 years of trying to get pregnant, a baby was out of the question. Despite all of this turmoil, what I soon found was peace. I found peace in knowing that my years of exhaustive efforts in supporting students and families had made a positive impact on my community. I found peace in knowing that my boss from Hell was just that… from Hell, and I had peace in knowing that light always outshines darkness.

With a strong connection to Spirit, I began to pray and I started to believe in the power of miracles. I gave thanks for my gifts as well as my lessons even though at times, doubt would hold my hand like a familiar friend. But as in life, sometimes you have to let go of toxic relationships and move on. My desire to feel good and whole far outweighed my inclination to hold on to what had become my new norm.

I trusted that if I maintained my faith in Spirit and allowed myself to be led amazing things would manifest into my life in profound ways. In no time, my courage was rewarded. I received a random call from a stranger who helped me refinance my home lowering my mortgage by more than 50%, I found out that I was pregnant, I launched my business, and I received a phenomenal severance package that allowed me to take time to continue my process of self-healing.

Fast forward 5 years, and I’m now the grateful mother of 2 beautiful girls, married to a wonderful man who doubles as an awesome dad, and living comfortably and contently in one of the greatest cities in the world. With each miracle, my faith in the Creator was strengthened as well as my desire to create a life filled with joy and inner-peace. Now I am on a quest to end educator self-sacrifice and empower you to take the steps you need to live a more fulfilling, enjoyable, and abundant life.



Vidrale Franklin-Kelly is an educator with over 19 years of teaching and leadership experience. She brings to the field a life-long dedication to public education, devotion to community, and love of children. During her teaching career she served as an instructional coach, teacher leader and staff developer supporting colleagues in expanding the scope and depth of their instructional practice. As a school site administrator, Vidrale set high expectations for the entire school community and engaged all stakeholders in creating effective instructional programs aimed at ensuring each and every student has access to a quality education. Her instructional leadership and ability to foster community and business partnerships has resulted in her comprehensive vision of what is needed to improve the lives of students and their families.

Vidrale holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Social Welfare and a Master of Arts in Educational Leadership from the University of California Berkeley. She earned her doctorate degree in Educational Leadership from San Francisco State University. She is currently doing things her way on her own terms.