The Power of Positive Rituals

As a mother, I know that when I create a healthy habit, I am building a strong foundation for my children’s future. Each time my girls use what I have taught them, they are developing a habit that can last a lifetime. These rituals sustain me during times of great need, give me the strength to face life’s daily challenges and, simply, allow me to go to a place of peace any time I crave solitude and tranquility.

I think of my life as a beach house on beautiful tropical islands. The foundation has pillars driven deep into the earth for strength and covered in concrete poured for stability. To guard against flood, it sits high above the water on stilts with a nice-sized boat alongside just in case. Along the gorgeous wrap around porch is a row of windows that looks out to the sapphire blue waters. Each window is made of impact-resistant glass and adorned with hurricane shutters for protection from the fiercest rain and mightiest winds.

Build your body, soul, and mind like this beach house. Fortify your spirit and strengthen your body with routines, habits and norms that ground you in peace and harmony.

It’s Personal
Your ritual will need to fit you like a glove. For example, I love solitude. Being with my thoughts and reflecting on my day brings me a bit of peace. With two toddlers and a demanding job, however, daily me time is not realistic. So, every Friday night around 11, I draw a nice, hot, lavender-scented bath, light some candles and play my favorite spa music… and lose myself in thought and prayer.

What rituals are essential in your life? A morning affirmation? Chamomile tea before bed? Think about what brings you peace and joy, and then create a personal plan of rituals around that.

Some Ideas for Rituals
Sometimes people are just so busy racing from point A to point B that they forget some very easy rituals that can give back ten-fold in benefits. A refresher list might make it easier for you to establish these rituals.

For calming the quick heart and crazy pulse, I like meditation and prayer. I also have several custom-blended aromatherapy oils that I add to my humidifier. Earthy fragrances like sandalwood, rosemary and sage bring me to an instant state of pleasure and relaxation.

For times when I feel voids or absences of things I feel I should have, but do not or should be, but am not, I review and add to “the list”. “The list” is an accounting of valuable things that I am blessed to have such as my girls, friends, family, my health, a job, a home, etc.

I have small everyday rituals that help me to keep balanced, focused and organized, and therefore, keep me as stress free as possible. For example, I begin every day by setting the intention for the day and asking myself, “What do you want to accomplish today?” My day ends with me surrendering to the outcome. Stealing bits of quiet time is also important to me. On some days 2 minutes will do, but on others I need a full 20. I also clear my inbox every day and archive messages I am less likely to refer to again. Hundreds of emails, read or not, give me anxiety. Lastly, I make it a point to give in some way each day. Whether it’s a kind word, a smile or a pair of shoes, making others happy brings me so much joy.

If You Build It Correctly, It Will Last
Ideally, you want to build your life and routines strong like the beach house. However, if you find that things are getting chaotic, you can make some changes to fix problems. Just like when the roofer has to put on new shingles, you can adapt some new routines and rituals to help you have a peaceful and rich life.