Self-Care Cheat Sheet - 45 Ways to Nurture a Habit of Self-Care

Stress often creates a black hole from which few escape. For many, what prevents the nurturing of body, mind and spirit is over-thinking what it means to take care of ourselves. Instead of finding the time for an elaborate day spa retreat, here are some things you can do as a regular part of your self-care routine.

  1. cuddle with your kids, partner or pets
  2. take a 30 minute walk
  3. go for a bike ride
  4. take 5 deep breaths five times a day
  5. write down 7 things for which you are grateful
  6. visit the cute animals at a shelter
  7. unplug for an hour
  8. get a mall massage
  9. pray
  10. practice aromatherapy using an ultrasonic diffuser
  11. declutter 1/4 of the room/space
  12. take a long, hot bath with scented Epsom salt
  13. eat a $20 salad - they’re really good!
  14. watch your favorite movie with popcorn
  15. get a facial
  16. perform a random act of kindness
  17. forgive yourself for something you did in your 20s
  18. have a glass of wine in a nice glass
  19. get some sun
  20. read a juicy romance novel
  21. sing your favorite song really loud and off-key
  22. have dinner by candlelight
  23. buy that item you’ve been eyeing for weeks
  24. do yoga in your living room
  25. dance uncontrollably to your favorite disco song
  26. relax with a 20 minute guided meditation (of course, there’s an app for it)
  27. write 10 things you love about yourself
  28. indulge in one (or more) of your favorite carbs
  29. play a game on your smartphone
  30. watch the sunset/sunrise
  31. go to the movie theater
  32. delegate 3 tasks
  33. start, continue or finish a craft project
  34. get a mani-pedi
  35. go to bed early
  36. listen to spa music on Pandora
  37. take a nap
  38. write in your journal
  39. relax with mindful coloring
  40. give something away
  41. smile at 5 strangers in passing
  42. read affirmations
  43. fly a kite
  44. eat a bowl of gourmet ice cream
  45. volunteer