Going Green on Black Friday | A Photo Diary

park 24.jpg

After filling up on turkey, ham and all a multitude of carbs, the next step to a typical Thanksgiving holiday is waking up at an insanely early hour to perhaps stand in line to buy things you really don't need or have no business purchasing for anyone else. This year, instead of participating in the Black Friday frenzy, I slept in. When I finally woke from my food-induced coma, I threw on my yogas pants, grabbed my girls and went Green! Since we need to be close to a clean potty for Baby Sister, we didn't venture far. Luckily, we live in a beautiful part of the city with plenty of open space. India Basin Shoreline Park, our soon-to-be-remodeled play space courtesy of gentrification, is one of those spaces. Enjoy!

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I'm trying out my new, fancy-to-me camera which is designed to take pictures and not, also, make phone calls or check email. I think this is great shot of my beautiful baby. She is incredibly photogenic. I can't take credit since because I'm still in the point and shoot stage.

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From this vantage point, we can see clear across the bay to Alameda. This day, there were several barges in the area. Normally, we see a large flock of geese, but I think they went south for the upcoming winter season. This park doesn't have any squirrels which is a bit surprising considering Candlestick Point has hundreds of them. We were able to spy a few ducks, seagulls and even a crab!

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Hunter has an amazing throwing arm. All she did at the beach was throw rocks into the water. I think she'll inherit my athleticism although I was placed in right field. She even made a few rocks skip. Impressive!

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