7 Steps to Creating a “Focused” Vision Board

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My first experience with creating a vision board was 6 years ago and resulted in the best gifts of my life. So, of course, I’m a believer in connecting with the power of the Divine to manifest what I want (or what the Universe determines I need). One of my favorite ways to work my Black Girl Magic is through the creation of vision boards. No matter what I’m going through or where I want to go in any area of my life, I’ve become a master of manifestation using vision boards.

Realize that it’s not the magazine clippings of perfectly-lighted people and objects, and inspirational words glued to a poster board that facilitates change in the direction of your desires. It’s the alignment of the energy of your thoughts, the actions you take toward your goals and the power of the Divine that precipitate positive change.

This year, I want to concentrate Divine energy specifically on my professional life and manifesting rewarding opportunities that allow me to spend quality time with my family, work under significantly less stressful conditions and earn a high salary. Instead of creating a vision board that reflects all areas of my life, I created one that captures my thoughts and feelings around what I want in my professional career. I call this a focused vision board. It can be created at any time whenever there is a need to shift the energy in your life. Here are 7 steps to guide you through the process of creating your own focused vision board:

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Center Your Soul. The first step in manifesting what you desire is to believe you can. This was quite difficult for me and something that I continue to work on. Not believing in your power can cause you to dream small or not dream at all. This is also your opportunity to reflect on your successes and your failures, what worked and what didn’t, what you need to do more of, less or not at all. This will help you get clear about the direction you want to take next in your life.

Get Clear About What You Want. Before you bring out the scissors and magazines, it’s important to be clear about what you intend to manifest. What adds peace and joy to your life? How can you live on purpose? Also, think about the things you want to avoid and that don’t add value to your life. This is more than having a goal. This is about identifying the small details of that goal so that you begin to feel, as much as possible, what it’s like to achieve that goal. Be specific.

Represent. Now it’s time for the magazines, scissors and glue. Find words and images that display your goal. Be strategic about choosing only images and words that speak to your soul. Sometimes these visuals can’t be found in the magazines on hand. I like to search the web for images I connect with and print them out in the size I need. I also use decorative paper, images from old calendars as background, and scrapbook embellishments. Remember, your vision board is going to be an essential component in creating the life you want. Have fun, be creative and make it beautiful!

  • Gather Your Supplies. Magazines, scissors, Poster paper, cork board, or the pages of a planner (something that will allow for easy and frequent viewing), glue, tape or pins, markers, pens, paint, decorative paper, scrapbook embellishments, frame, paper cutter

  • Create Space. Find a comfortable space large enough to accommodate all of your supplies. A large table or floor space is ideal. I also like to play soothing music, diffuse my favorite blend of essential oils and pour myself a glass of red wine. It’s important to be relaxed and connected to your desires.

  • Cut and Paste. Search through the magazines and cut out images, words and phrases that speak to you. Again, look online for images and print them out, if necessary. Choose images and words that evoke feelings that are aligned with your desires. Arrange them in a way that’s visually pleasing to you. Save any images that you like, but don’t use. You can use them later. I keep a vision board basket with all of my supplies and unused images.

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Prominently Display Your Board. Put your vision board in a place where you can see it easily and often. I frame my boards and hang them on the wall in my bedroom. This year, I’ve also recreated my larger "focused" board in my planner using copies of the same images.

Trust. Believe your blessing is coming. Be grateful for the things you have and for what is coming.

Affirm. Spend 2 minutes each morning and evening visualizing and affirming what you intend to manifest. Use your vision board to focus your mental and emotional energy. Act, feel and think as if you have already achieved.

Resist. Resist negative thoughts, ideas and feelings that are not aligned with your intentions. Notice and heal this negative self-thought and replace it with language that supports your journey to your dream.

Give. Give of your time and effort in support of your dreams and goals. If there are things that you can do NOW, do them. Invest in You!

Your vision board can transform your life. It is a visual reminder of what you are working towards and how you want to show up in the world. Speak life into your vision each day and position yourself to receive.