Lucky 7s: Hit It Big Every Day

Every time the lottery gets to over $300 million I, like many others, dream about the possibilities that come with high levels of financial abundance. I, also like many others, buy a ticket or 5, count my blessings and hope for 300 million more. I have yet to be blessed with a 9-figure fortune, however, I have many things for which I am truly thankful. So, while the jackpot increases, releases and renews I thought it would be fun to list the things that, if done well, bring me peace, comfort and joy. Here is my Lucky 7s List: seven things that bring me joy (and I should do more of), seven things that I should stop doing now, and seven things that will surely make my life better.

Seven Things I Can Do to Show Myself More Love

Eat More Vegetables
Although I know the benefits of eating vegetables, I just don’t enough. My goal is to eat more vegetables than meat and carbs. Since I love Pinterest, I’ll look for recipes and try some new dishes. My digestive system will thank me for it.

Keep My House Tidy and Organized
Space is so important to me and the last time I felt truly connected to my space I was single. I had the perfect bachelorette pad. Everything was neat, clean lines, organized and mine! Then came the husband who, I swear, has a tool fetish. Add in two children that get love at every turn and you have toys, sparkly dresses, random shoes, a potty in the hallway and Playdoh stuck to the dining room table. Slowly, but surely, I’m reclaiming the tidy side of my life room by room.  

Spend the Day at the Spa
I love going to the spa for a good massage and facial. The problem is that I don’t go very often. That’s going to change.

Being physically and mentally still allows me to get clear about how to remove or circumvent life’s little stumbling blocks. Meditation is my opportunity to listen for God’s answers to my prayers.

Take Warm Baths
A warm bubble bath with a soothing blend of essential oils and Epsom salt is incredibly relaxing. Add a glass of wine and spa music for added effect.

Get Crafty
As a creative being, I enjoy making things. I have a box full of faux flowers, decorative paper, glue sticks and more. There are also a ton of pictures waiting to find a home in the pages of a scrapbook. And then there’s my fabulous Bee Wordy game that I can definitely get crafty with! My next crafty commission will be learning to knit or crochet.

Walks in Nature
According to my therapist, this is a huge serotonin booster. I agree. San Francisco and the peninsula have some of the best hiking trails in the Bay Area. I can do without the mountain lion and rattlesnake warnings, though!

Seven Things I Need to Stop Doing Now

I’ve been doing this since the ‘80s and I need to stop!

Eating Tons of Sugar
Cookies, cake and ice cream are my go to, feel-good foods. But, since there is a strong connection between a diet high in sugar, and anxiety and depression, I’m cutting back.

Rushing is a result of poor planning and preparation. When I rush, bad things tend to happen. I forget my cell phone, an important paper, or my earrings. Unacceptable!

Doing Things I Don't Really Want to Do
I am so guilty of this. However, there is a fine line between getting out of your comfort zone and doing something you simply abhor. For me, it’s social events like concerts or parties. I am a homebody, but I I know I need to get out and enjoy life (with others).

Watching Hours of Television
This is a no-brainer. Watching television prevents me from reading thought-provoking, intelligence-boosting material that is sure to enrich my life. A good crime show or love story, however, is so much better. My compromise - urban fiction. Love it!

Doubting Myself
I am amazing! People tell me that all the time. The problem is that I don’t always believe it.

Being Wasteful
Whether it’s food, clothes or cleaning products, if I don’t like it, I throw it in the trash. I’m working on my 3 Rs - recycle, reduce, reuse.

Seven Things That Will Make My Life Better

Eating a Healthy Breakfast
Starting my day with fruit and whole grains is definitely better than eating one big gluttonous meal a day.

I love to swim, despite the fact that my sister thinks I don't know how to! The problem is that I do so about every 5 years. Swimming works muscles in your body you didn’t know you had. It’s such a good workout and fun!

Going to Bed on Time
My extended vacation time has caused me to lose sight of my natural sleep habits. I’ve fallen victim to On Demand TV, but alas... I have to go back to work.

Getting Rid of Clothes That Don’t Fit Me Well
Not only do ill-fitting clothes take up prime real estate in my drawers and closet, they make me look bad.

Clearing My Inbox
Having dozens of email messages sitting in my inbox gives me anxiety. My work on eliminating procrastination will help with clearing my messages.

Lifting Weights
Lately, I’ve noticed that my trips to Costco have become more taxing. Those big bags of cat and dog food are becoming harder and harder to get into the truck. As we get older, we lose muscle mass and places on our arms and legs become a bit more jiggly. Lifting weights builds muscle and helps to burn fat.  

Eating Dinner at the Table Before 6pm as a Family
I am guilty of eating late while indulging in juicy episodes of cable television dramas. Sadly, I’ve passed this habit (not the cable tv part) on to my children, but not for long.


Now it’s your turn. Try writing your own Lucky 7s list. Don’t over think it. Just write what comes to mind and see what you discover about yourself. Enjoy the journey!